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Which the Trannymals like a lot!


The Gender Galaxy
This is the first half of a (quite readable!) law review article that talks about the many different ways people are transgender. There are as many different ways to be female and as many different ways to be male and as many different ways to be neither female nor male as there are stars in the sky. People make infinitely different choices about their bodies, about their genitals, and about and identities. Read about a non-linear way of seeing gender that has space for everyone, from faggy ftm's to butch mtfs, fierce femmes, genderqueer bois, and everyone all around. This is also a good trans 101.

The Law Meets the Gender Galaxy
How does the law, which operates by definite categories, work with the gender galaxy, a fluid, moving, complex, sparkly world of gender? Better now than 30 years ago, but still a long ways to go! Read about how the law often defines gender in quite insulting absurd ways, asking for detailed "expert" testimony on transgender people's genitals and sexual activities.

Both from: "Expanding Gender and Expanding the Law: Towards a Conceptualization of Gender that is More Inclusive of Transgender People"(University of Michigan Journal of Gender and Law" (2005)

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or, read online: Part 1 and Part 2


No Sexual Deception
(San Francisco Chronicle, 2004)
Gwen Araujo, a beautiful young transgender woman, was brutally beaten to death the fall of 2002. In the trial of three men accused of murder, the defense attorneys argued that Gwen deserved to be killed because she deceived the three men by not telling them about her genitals. This is absolutely crazy. Read on ...



No Apology: Shared Struggles in Fat and Transgender Law
(Fat Studies Reader, NYU Press, 2009)
Two attorneys, one working in fat advocacy, the other in transgender advocacy speak about how the law treats transgender and fat people the same: Only those who are willing to make themselves small, to apologize for their existence, to publically state that being 'normal' (whatever that is!) is the best way to be, have a chance of winning a case.
We don't want to apologize!

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